Sociology and Social Work in Post–Secular Societies

7th International Conference on Sociology and Social Work

Prague, September 7–8, 2017

The Call for Papers

The organizers call for papers for the conference which relate to the themes outlined in the Conference Information. The conference will be organized in plenary sessions (keynote addresses) and several parallel sections. Participants may choose a section according to their interests.

Proposed sections are:

  1. Integration and coexistence in diverse and fragmented societies.
  2. Tradition and Innovation in Social Work. Social work past and present as a sociologically “modern” enterprise.
  3. Secular and religious values in social work. Religious and non–religious spiritualities as resources of resilience?
  4. Creating sustainable communities — integrative and innovative approaches.
  5. Sociological futures for social work? The future of social work in sociological perspective.

Title & abstract submission

(The deadline for submitting your paper proposals is April 30, 2017.)

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